Moving back to NC has proven to be an interesting journey. I finished my PhD and thought I would step back into writing and the author and reader community and find myself right at home. In the two years I had to set writing aside for school and work, I missed out on so much.

This past year of publishing one, maybe two stories, while seeking full-time employment and teaching at three colleges as an adjunct was overwhelming. I am now teaching at one college (online-1 class) and at my local college as an adjunct. I pray every night a full-time job opens up for me there, but I am not setting aside my writing anymore.

It’s not healthy. I am a better person when I write. I’m more creative in my classrooms when I am writing.

Writing was once a big chunk of my income and I had consistent sales. I’m grateful to those readers because moving every 2-3 years with the military meant constantly switching jobs. I don’t regret the time it took or the sacrifice I had to make to finish my doctorate. I think it is making me a better author because I have a greater appreciation for what I once had. Thank you to the readers reaching out and welcoming me back.

I don’t know if anyone reads blogs anymore, but this is pretty much my website for now, so here is what you can expect from me by the end of 2017:

  1. I’m writing for a few Kindle Worlds
  2. I finished Suicidal, it is a YA Paranormal
  3. I am in the process of finishing Veronica Grimm: Don’t Fear the Reaper, a Paranormal Romance
  4. The Marine Officers, I have the rights to those again,  will be released in an anthology with a new story added to it (look for it in November 2017)
  5. I am debating if I am going to republish my Hollywood Nights as stand alone or compile them into an anthology. I would have to compile more than one anthology as the first 3 books are novel length and the others are 20-45K. I hope to have the answer to that by the end of summer and either release them again as they were or in the new format.
  6. In addition, I have a few other books in the works and a couple teen short stories because my nieces and nephews seem to be angry that they can’t read my books and think I should write something they are allowed to read. No pressure there, right?
  7. If things go well, I hope to get to an event or two before the year ends
  8. Finally, I plan to continue to appreciate where I am, what I have, and embrace this opportunity to rebuild my name in this community.


Cara North