A Short Biography About my Best Friend, Miss Brittany

In The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters, there are several writing exercises. This is one of them. I’m sharing mine; you can feel free to share yours.

Miss Brittany is my Cocker Spaniel. When I first brought her home, I was working as a volunteer coordinator for an upstart museum in North Carolina. I was able to bring her to work with me every day and visitors loved holding and snuggling her.  Later, when I had to get a real job, I couldn’t bring her with me anymore and that transition was difficult for me. She didn’t seem as affected. She had two cats at home to play with and they would all be sleeping on the couch when I got in from work.

Miss Brittany is an amazing little creature. She is independent in a lot of ways. I think that is because she was raised by cats. She knows what she wants to do and she will make every attempt to do it. Even now, when her arthritis and other health factors try to keep her down, she insists on getting in the window to watch the squirrels in the trees. I’ve made a series of progressive steps so she can accomplish the task of getting from the floor to the ottoman at the window.

When she was a puppy, she slept right next to me in my bed. Curled up at my side, I used to sleep peacefully. The last two years, she has taken to sleeping on the ottoman at the foot of my bed. Sometimes she will start at the foot of the bed, but she seems to like her space these days. I don’t sleep nearly as well as I used to.

I know that she is fourteen and eventually she will travel over that rainbow bridge. I can’t even think of that day without getting emotional. She is my best friend. She knows me like no one else in this world does. I strive to be the person she thinks I am.

As you can see, she was one of my first editors. As a puppy she liked to steal the TP and run through the house with it. IMG_4511

She still sleeps on the back of the couch like a cat. She has lost most of her hearing and some of her sight, but she gets around well and still chases me, toys, and her 2 year old dog-brother, Thor.