Unresolved Resolutions

I’m not making any New Year resolutions for 2018. Are you?

I decided when my last birthday, Sept 9, rolled around that it was actually a bit more accurate as the start of a new year for me. I made my resolutions then and I have to tell you…

I am still working on the first one!

I was once an active duty Marine so my lack of discipline is astounding! I am also slightly allergic to chocolate, so my inability to not eat it at all is also somewhat unsettling. I simply eat the chocolate until the roof of my mouth begins to swell, then I stop. This is not a technique I suggest to anyone!

My main goal was to eat healthier. That’s it. Small steps taken each and every day to make a larger change. Only, I don’t like taking small steps. In my mind, all this sugar addiction is just a matter of me having enough discipline to say no to that Coke Cola or the truffles that arrived from Harry and David as Christmas gifts. Not to mention the cookies. Oh the cookies! I am a total Cookie Monster!

Hence my lack of motivation to create a new resolution when I am still working on the one I made just 4 months ago.

I am resolving not to make any new resolutions until I have settled into a comfortable place with my old, unresolved ones.